Frédéric Léglise’s Paris Studio

17 & 18 May 2024, 6 to 9PM
Please rsvp at

Guidelines to a session with Frédéric Léglise for a commissioned portrait:

The artist works from photos he takes during a one or two hour photoshoot session which can take place at the client’s home in Paris or elsewhere (travel expenses must be taken into account if outside Paris).

Together, the artist and model discuss the clothing, poses and accessories to be used in the portrait... From the photos taken by the artist, he suggests a few images to the client, and they can agree on the chosen starting image.

The artist receives 500 euros to start work on the commission, and the remainder on delivery.

Frédéric Léglise's Lili and Flowers on the cover of Beaux-Arts Magazine, February 2016
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