A free and atypical journey!
Born into a family of artists, Émilie Dujat earned an initial degree in Art History, followed by an experience at the famous Tajan sales house in Paris. Later on, she earned a law degree and became a lawyer of the Bareau de Paris. After moving to New York City, she studied at HB Studio NYC and adapted plays.

In 2006, she discovered a new and fascinating world: erotic art. Inspired by the freedom of thought of the Enlightenment, Émilie opened, in the Sablon district of Brussels, the first erotic art gallery, Galerie Libertine - a cabinet of erotic curiosities. She contributed to the opening of the Museum of Eroticism and Mythology in Brussels.

In 2013, Émilie Dujat decided to associate herself with living artists: the Galerie Libertine became Galerie Émilie Dujat, a platform for contemporary disruptive art, a gallery questioning the complexity of the human fantasy. The gallery adopted the concept of private gallery and moved to Châtelain, in the childhood home of poet and painter Henri Michaux.

For the past seven years, Galerie Émilie Dujat has decided to be nomadic. The gallery organizes several exhibitions a year in unique spaces, driven by a desire to constantly adapt to the particular universe of each artist and present art to new audiences.
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