Marc Vandewalle

15 March - 11 May 2024

Singulier Contemporary Art & Tattoo

Marc Vandewalle has always had a passion for photography, and it was at the age of 47 that he began to show his photographs, taken during urban explorations and sometimes dangerous journeys that often led him to defy the forbidden and into spaces where absence is now the rule.

All that remains are atmospheres and structures, sometimes industrial, sometimes residential, created and abandoned by man, marked by dust and corrosion. His framing, inherited from his work as a letterer and event printer, reveals both a sense of the spectacular and a poetic nostalgia.

The sounds of yesteryear, as if locked away, still haunt his shots, giving them an unprecedented presence. Another theme is his series Les toits de Bruxelles, which sees him climb to the top of exceptional buildings with perilous access, such as a certain Palace of Justice. Perched on these heights, he captures the city from a safe distance, in all its diversity, sleeping with one eye open, always lit up and punctuated by a life made almost invisible by the height.

The exhibition organized by Galerie Émilie Dujat in collaboration with Singulier Contemoporary Art & Tattoo will feature prints ranging from large-scale tarpaulins to more modest, high-quality formats on the theme of Urbex and the rooftops of Brussels.

We're delighted to invite you to discover this parallel world...

Artistic direction by Jean-Marc de Pelsemaeker
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