Teresa Bracamonte

From a young age she manifested a strong curiosity to explore underworlds, which led her, starting at the age of 22, to use photography as a tool to make visible realities that our society hide. Although Bracamonte had a fine arts background, during 8 years (2012-2020) she was dedicated mainly to photography. Bracamonte´s art seeks to celebrate diversity, beauty and our human existence included in the most unusual realities and shapes.

Her passion for photography motivated her to take a Masters in Photography and Contemporary Arts in Paris. After graduating she obtained an artistic residency at the Cultural Association Jour et Nuit Culture where she decided to return to painting. Currently as an artist she oil paints taking inspiration from photographic portraits she takes. Bracamonte’s work nowadays is an exploration between her connection with photography, painting, and the existences she portrays.

Addressing the notion of identity, Teresa’s work explores how it is constantly built, destroyed and transformed.

The artist, through her art, mixes anthropology and fiction. Part of the documentary and the encounter with otherness to create staging between her own imaginary and the reality that she photographs.

As an artist her work has been exposed in different parts of the world, mainly in Perú, France and Spain. In 2019 she participated in Madrid’s most important art fair, ARCO, with an individual exposition in Neomudéjar museum. That same year she was selected to exhibit her work at the Grand Palais in Paris. This 2023 she has been chosen to present an individual photographic exhibition at the Consulate of Perú in France and to exhibit her painting in London, at The Brick Lane Galery. Winner of the contest “I am a Peruvian migrant” 2018.

Selected Works
Maitee (Triunfadoras)
Las Tres Gracias (Triunfadoras)
Tayra (Triunfadoras)
Salome (Triunfadoras)
De Puta Madre, 2017
De Puta Madre, 2017
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