Mime, is a French artist living in Paris. After studying art market design and contemporary art, he decides to try his hand at collage. Self-taught, his new hobby soon becomes a veritable obsession. Mime draws his resources from his travels, and his numerous visits to second-hand libraries. He browses, sources, skims, cuts, clips, trims, hides and glues visages and busts from all time periods, all eras. Mime’s work represents his mood, or experiences that have left their mark on him in some way. His chief inspirations: Egyptian aesthetics, antiquity, architecture both past and present, and his contemporary human experiences. The subjects of his collages all originate from second-hand books. There is - as of now - no digital intervention on any of his works.

Selected Works
Lovers, mixed media video, paper collage, scanned and animated, acrylic frame, 10.1", single ed.
Echoes of the past, printed aluminum sculpture, painted wood swing with braided rope, approx. 140 x 60 cm
What To Avoid, NFT Performance, 2023
Light II, paper collage with digital input, A3, 2023
Overthinking, paper collage, A4, 2023
Cyborg I, paper collage, A4, 2023
Light III, paper collage with digital input, A3, 2023
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