Jean-Marc de Pelsemaeker

Jean-Marc De Pelsemaeker saturates the previously painted surfaces with ten or so layers of phosphorescent (luminescent) paint, using a meticulous Indian ink drawing. This obsessive calligraphy follows the contours of extracts from the work of great masters such as Albrecht Dürer, Rogier de le Pasture, Jan Van Eyck, Petrus Christus and others, as well as contemporary artists like Andres Serrano, Wolfgang Tillmans, Matthew Barney, Cy Twombly... The framing of this part of a work is important to give a real presence to the canvas or object. The use of fluorescent red paint is often reserved for the back of pieces, so that they emit a slight halo of color. He also incorporates his favorite recurring themes, such as fetuses, bees, number sequences, religious signs like the tripalium or Christ's perizonium, and the numerous representations of Mary Magdalene and details of Rogier de La Pasture's Descent from the Cross. The many references to mythology and religion are linked to the work of the old masters, who inevitably dealt mainly with these themes. At first glance, these image extracts disappear from the painted surface under a profusion of fine ink strokes. A closer look reveals the shapes evoked. The sacred is also very much in evidence in the painted African masks, which are themselves charged with considerable force and covered with symbols or extracts from ancient works. His work has been exhibited for several decades, both in Belgium and abroad, and has always attracted the interest of collectors.

Selected Works
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